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Radon is an inert gas not a “Noble”

Radon is nothing but a radioactive element, which is present in the gaseous state. In the periodic, a table of elements radon is present in the last group, and a member of the family known as “Noble Gases”. But as far as radon is concerned it’s certainly not a noble gas. A noble thing means a thing which is beneficial to others. Talking about radon it’s not noble in any manner. According to the latest researches radon is highly carcinogenic. It’s declared to be a second major cause of lung cancer in the United States.radon mitigation

In United States radon is present in homes, parks, basements, air, and water almost everywhere. Now the issue to be discussed is how Radon comes in a home? And why Radon Mitigation is necessary? Radon is not solemnly present on Earth. It’s basically an intermediate product formed when heavy radioisotopes like uranium and thorium decay.

These radioactive elements have long half-lives and form many intermediate products with a short lifespan. One of this product is radium, which further degrades itself to form radon gas. Being a gas it’s quite easy for radon to get diffuse in an atmosphere and it becomes an unexpected guest at home.


Drastic effects of Radon;

Physically, radon is a colorless and tasteless gas. Also, it is inhaled normally with air particles.When radon enter into lung, it begins to accumulate. As a result, it causes mutations in genes of adjacent cells and stimulates un-wanted abnormal growth of cell ultimately forming a tumor.

A tumor which is present in lungs so-called lungs cancer. Radon inhalation not only causes lungs cancer, also many chronic respiratory and nervous disorders in adults, children, and even domestic pets. Exposure to radon for a longer period of time is deadly horrible. From these points, one can surely understand that how crucial radon mitigation.

How to resolve this deadly issue?

Health is wealth. Anything which is harmful to Heath must be eliminated, Radon exposure is a hazard to health and considered as an alarming issue, especially in the United States. We also know that every problem has a solution and solution to radon is radon testing as well as radon system installation. Radon testing is not a job to be done by itself it’s a professional task. So first step to getting rid of radon is a concern a trustable and reliable radon installation company.

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